Backup as a Service

Data protection and disaster recovery solutions for your business

Improve Business Continuity

Backup and Disaster Recovery plans help to drastically improve a business’s ability to remain operational when the worst happens. Protecting business data and critical infrastructure from malicious attacks and natural disasters are imperative to business success. Human error, hardware failures and cyber attacks are the most common causes of data loss within the business environment today.

As a business decision maker, ensuring all critical systems and data are backed up securely is a vital operational requirement. Business down-time can mean hundreds of thousands, or even millions in lost revenue. Utilising the latest in data backup solutions, secure cloud storage and expert services will help to ensure your time to recovery is the smallest it can be.

Know The Risks

Data loss is one of the biggest killers to any business.
Studies have shown up to 46% of IT users experience data lose every year.
Up to 60% of businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss do not survive beyond 6 more months of operation.

Our Service

All Backup as a Service customers have the opportunity to utilise our state-of-the-art platforms and services including:

  • Secure Australian Cloud Storage
  • Pro-active Backup Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
  • Secure Cloud DR Environment
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