acorp connect Public Wi-Fi

Fully managed guest Wi-Fi and analytics services for business

Increase your Customer Engagement

Customers’ experience and their engagement levels with your business are vital metrics in helping to measure overall success, operational efficiencies and determine weaknesses in your business plan. Businesses often make vital decisions about their operational plans without critical or accurate information about visitor behaviours.

Having access to information such has visitor numbers, customer dwell times, how visitors use your venue and where they travel enables advanced profile development for your customers – a powerful analytical tool in streamlining your sales processes. With acorp connect Public Wi-Fi, we provide the tools and and the services to digest large amounts of raw data providing intelligent information you can use to prepare for the future.

Location Based Analytics

Analyse visitor movements:

  • Record visitor numbers and dwell times
  • Analyse connected and non-connected Wi-Fi enabled device numbers
  • Explore real-time visitor tracking
  • Compare walk-by and converted visitors

Visitor Behaviour Reports

Build upon location data:

  • Track pathways through venues and stores
  • Compare customer behaviours with time, dates and weather
  • Analyse customer patterns to scope out marketing plans

Direct Engagement

Position engagements directly to customers:

  • Show advertisements on customer devices
  • Engage with visitors through surveys and get instant feedback
  • Direct visitor web traffic

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